High-Quality Foundation Repairs

When your foundation develops a crack or walls bulge or bow, turn to the professionals at Greentree Waterproofing, Inc. We provide high-quality foundation repairs and waterproofing services throughout Central Illinois. We handle all types of foundation repairs including adding and burying discharge lines and downspout extensions .
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Epoxy Injected Cracks
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Systems (Basements & Crawl Spaces)
  • French Drain System (Surface Water Issues)
  • Egress Window Installations (Emergency Fire Exit + Increase Square Footage)
  • Pump & Back Ups
  • Seal Foundation Walls
  • Downspout Extension with Clean-out
Foundation with waterproofing — foundation crack repair in Springfield, IL

Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation can range from hairline cracks to major crevices in your home's interior and exterior. Foundation cracks are often caused by the on-going season changes, droughts, rain or excessive water pressure building up around your home. This dampens the soil under the foundation causing small shifts in your home's structure.

Sub-Floor and Sub-Soil Drainage Systems

Sub-floor and sub-soil drainage systems aka hydrostatic pressure relief systems address ground water issues where the wall and floor meet. Fingers are added to address weak area's such as stairway pressure, fireplaces, and scattered cracks in the floor causing puddles in a basement.
brick wall foundation crack
Construction techniques have improved over the years, but homes built prior to 1970's are more likely to have very little water protection. Products such as clay drain tile or corrugated do not stand the test of time or prevent root intrusion as our system products. In a crawlspace, water has nowhere to go but up, thus causing a muddy crawl, a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Our Sub-Floor and Sub-Soil System warranty is transferable in the event you sell your property. This type of ground water problem will not go away and will return when the water table rises.

Request a Foundation Repair Estimate

Our estimates are free to home and property owners, and we are happy to work with your real estate professional to make sure that both the buyer and the seller have a good closing and no surprises down the road. Home sellers don't sell yourself short by minimizing your seepage problems, so call 217-525-2224 for your estimate today.