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Quality Basement Egress Window Installation Services in Springfield, Illinois

Many homeowners are most likely familiar with a basement egress window but are unsure of its purpose and benefits. An egress window is a 48″ X 48″ window placed inside the walls of your basement that are designed to be large enough for an adult or fireman in full gear to climb in or out of in case of an emergency. Egress windows also work as an access point for policemen, firemen, or other emergency personnel who are needing to safely enter the home in the event of a fire or other emergency.

At Greentree Waterproofing, we have over 30 years of experience installing egress windows for homeowners and businesses in the Springfield, IL area. Interested in having one installed in your basement? Give our experts a call today!

Basement Egress Window Installation

Installing an egress window in your residential or commercial basement not only allows you and your family a safe passageway in and out of your home in case of emergencies, but it is a great way to increase your home’s usable square footage and overall value. At Greentree Waterproofing, we can install egress windows in a variety of foundational materials including poured concrete, and block basement walls. Contact our contractors in Springfield, IL for a FREE estimate on your next egress window installation!

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Benefits of A Basement Egress Window

You may be wondering what kind of benefits an egress window offers that would make it worth the time and money it takes to install. Thankfully, our team has almost three decades worth of experience and insight on installing basement egress windows for clients throughout central Illinois. Here are a few benefits to keep in mind when deciding on an egress window for your basement:

Required for Basements That Are Being Used as Bedrooms

According to the IRC, International Residential Code, any basement that has been converted into a bedroom or is being used for sleeping purposes is required by law to have an egress in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Increases Safety in Case of Emergencies

Egress windows offer a safe route for exiting your home in the event of an emergency. If your basement is being used as a recreational area or bedroom, having an egress window can give you and your family total peace of mind.

Increase in Ventilation Throughout Your Basement

A majority of basements have very little space to include full-sized windows, so oftentimes, not enough ventilation can move through your basement. This creates a musky and humid atmosphere that is miserable to endure. Egress windows allow your basement to have proper ventilation, always having a fresh air smell while preventing allergies.

Increase in Daylight Entering Your Basement

No matter how up to date your basement is, there always seems to be something missing that separates it from the rest of the rooms in your home – natural lighting. Egress windows offer constant natural light, giving your space a constant cozy feel.

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Are Basement Egress Windows Worth It?

So, all in all, are basement egress windows worth it? To put it simply, yes, they are worth it! Egress windows are not only a great option if you’re wanting to increase the safety of your home, but they add tremendous value with the immediate ability to turn your basement into a working bedroom, playroom, family room, or even separate apartment if your space is big enough! For over 30 years, our customers in Springfield, IL have been more than satisfied with our basement egress window installation services. What are you waiting for? Invest in an egress window for your basement today by calling Greentree Waterproofing and asking about our FREE estimates and financing options.