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Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Contractor Decatur, Illinois

Since 1992, Greentree Waterproofing has been the leading expert in waterproofing, foundation repair, and egress window installation for homes throughout Decatur, IL. With decades of experience, our team is proud to over award-winning services and professionalism on all of our local and commercial projects in central Illinois. Whether you’re looking for waterproofing services for your crawlspace and basement or you’re needing immediate repairs on your cracked foundation, you can count on us for long-lasting, affordable solutions. Reach out to our professionals today for a free estimate on our residential waterproofing and basement repair services.

Basement Waterproofing Decatur, IL

No matter how many upgrades you’ve invested in your basement, without professional waterproofing services, all of your renovations and belonging are at risk of water damage. Living in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon to experience heavy rainstorms that overwhelm your sump pump and flood your basement. One of the only ways to keep your home protected year-round is the presence of a waterproofing system from your local experts at Greentree Waterproofing. Our team has provided basement waterproofing and drainage services to homes in Decatur, IL since 1992. Our high-quality products come from name-brand manufacturers and are guaranteed to last the lifespan of your home. Call us today for basement waterproofing and water diversion services.

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Crawlspace Waterproofing Decatur, IL

Crawlspaces differ from basements in that they are not meant to be livable spaces for your family. These small areas under or on the first floor of your home are unfinished and made to house your electrical and plumbing systems that can be accessed for repairs. If your crawlspace becomes flooded, your foundation and HVAC systems can become severely damaged, requiring professional repair to eliminate water damage. Greentree Waterproofing offers reliable crawlspace waterproofing to eliminate mildew, mold, moisture, and damaged concrete for homes in Decatur, IL. Our team will identify what’s causing the damage and provide lasting solutions to keep groundwater out completely. Get an estimate on our crawlspace waterproofing services today.

Sump Pump Installation Decatur, IL

If you have a basement or crawlspace, a sump pump is essential to prevent groundwater or flooding from entering your home. Modern sump pump systems include an electrical device that monitors rising water below your home and drains the overflow into the local sewer system when threatening to seep into your lower level. If you don’t own a sump pump and are constantly dealing with water in your basement, Greentree Waterproofing offers sump pump installation for your home in Decatur, IL. One of the most common causes of water damage in homes is due to the lack of a sump pump system to prevent such occurrences. With decades of waterproofing experience, you can count on our team to find you the perfect sump pump system to keep your home safe and dry year-round.

Foundation Repair Decatur, IL

If you notice long cracks in your basement walls or on the exterior foundation of your home, Greentree Waterproofing is here to help. We specialize in foundation repair for residential homes and offer safe and long-lasting solutions to keep your family safe. There are two types of cracks that are common in basements: vertical and horizontal. Vertical cracks indicate the settling of your foundation, and horizontal cracks are usually caused by increased soil pressure that can be hard to restore. If you notice any type of cracking in your foundation or concrete surface, contact our team in Decatur, IL for immediate repairs. We offer crack injection services and steel anchors to keep your foundation stable for years to come.

Basement Egress Windows Decatur, IL

Upgrade your basement with egress windows from Greentree Waterproofing in Decatur, IL. Our 48″ x 48″ windows are installed on the inside of your basement, allowing emergency access to the outdoors when access to your front door is limited. Our egress windows include concrete foundations, custom trim, windows, and accessories like covers and ladders to match your home. There are several benefits to installing egress windows; not only can your basement not be considered an additional living space, but they add natural light and increased ventilation to reduce moisture and allergens. Learn more about our basement egress windows and the installation process for your home.