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Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Contractor Jacksonville, Illinois

For basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and egress window installation in Jacksonville, Illinois, Greentree Waterproofing has been the go-to contractor since 1992. We are proud to offer award-winning services and a full range of products to our residential and commercial clients in central Illinois. Whether your basement needs a sump pump and waterproofing services or you want egress windows installed for added safety, we can handle it all. Our team has decades of combined experience waterproofing and restoring basements of all sizes and offers lifetime warranties to guarantee the safety of our products. Get started today when you schedule a consultation with Greentree Waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing Jacksonville, IL

Even if your basement was recently refurbished or you utilized it for storage, it may still sustain water damage if you have not installed waterproofing systems from plastic liners to sump pumps. In the Midwest, heavy rain and snowstorms are typical, which may cause your sump pump to malfunction, causing damage to your basement and putting your family in danger. Secure your home with waterproofing services from Greentree Waterproofing in Jacksonville, IL. Since 1992, we have been the experts in basement waterproofing and water diversion for homes throughout central Illinois. Our products are manufactured by reputable manufacturers and can save you money on future repairs or damages as a result of a flood. If you want basement waterproofing or French drain installation, please contact our team.

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Crawlspace Waterproofing Jacksonville, IL

Many homes without completed basements have crawlspaces. Contrary to typical basements, these unfinished areas are only intended to act as access points for your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems installed behind your walls. Your crawlspaces and exposed systems are vulnerable to damage when waterproofing measures aren’t installed. In Jacksonville, IL Greentree Waterproofing provides complete crawlspace waterproofing services to get rid of moisture, mold, mildew, and restore cracked concrete foundations. To avoid groundwater from infiltrating your home, our professionals will identify where water is entering your crawlspace and provide long-term solutions. Get started on securing your crawlspace by requesting a free estimate for our waterproofing services.

Sump Pump Installation Jacksonville, IL

A good sump pump is essential for any house with a basement or crawl space. These waterproofing solutions prevent damage to your basement from seepage of groundwater and sewage. If groundwater levels around the foundation of a building rise to the point that water might leak inside, a sump pump will activate through an electrical system to divert the water to the drains below the foundation. Greentree Waterproofing is the go-to company for basement and crawlspace sump pump installations in Jacksonville, IL. Trust us to help you find the right size sump pump that will keep your house dry and secure for years to come.

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Foundation Repair Jacksonville, IL

Greentree Waterproofing is the leading contractor in Jacksonville, Illinois for foundation repair and restoration. We are experts in residential foundation repair and can provide safe, long-lasting options when your basement’s concrete surfaces start to move or settle. Cracks in your basement walls can be either vertical or horizontal. An increase in soil pressure causes horizontal cracks, and vertical cracks indicate the sinking or settling of your foundation, all of which can be costly to repair. We provide steel anchors and crack injection treatments to ensure the continued stability of your foundation. If you discover cracks in your concrete floor or foundation, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call and ask for a free estimate on our foundation repair services.

Basement Egress Windows Jacksonville, IL

Greentree Waterproofing can increase the appeal and market value of your Jacksonville, Illinois home by installing high-quality egress windows. Our basement windows are set at a standard 48″ x 48″ and are set in place on the interior walls of your basement, with a window well installed outside. Whether you’re wanting an emergency exit for your family or are interested in the aesthetic benefits of egress windows, our products are the perfect choice for your project. A single egress window can increase natural light in your basement and reduce mold growth and humidity due to increased ventilation. Learn more about our customization options, from wooden trim to metal grates and ladders for your egress window, when you choose our central IL team.